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Frequently asked questions:

What kinds of activities can be carried out within the Free zone?

According to the article no. 6 of the Law all activities that the user of the Zone has been registered for are possible to be carried out, except those which can endanger the living environment, people’s health, material properties and the state security.

Are consignment activities banned within the Free zone? Can a consignment warehouse be opened within the Zone if the company is both registered for the Zone management and foreign trade activities?

Carrying out the consignment activities as well as opening of the consignment warehouse are settled by the article no.106 of the Customs law and also by the article no. 21 of the statute of the bonding and customs clearance of the goods that are under bonding procedure. In order to open the consignment warehouse in the Zone, all legal conditions are to be satisfied, and there won’t be any restraints. This is referring to the company for the Zone management as well.

Are retail trade and services rendering prohibited within the Free zone?

In accordance with the Law and regulations on retail trade and services rendering, retail trade and services rendering activities can be carried out within the Free zone.

Are the goods that are being imported into the Zone, dutiable?

The goods, that are being imported into the Free zone are not dutiable. They are only liable to customs record keeping at the rate of 0,5 %.

When will the goods, which are put into circulation within the domestic market, be liable to customs clearance and any other import duties?

Customs clearance duty and any other import duties, according to the article no.27 of the Law, have been valid since the date of goods passing from the Zone to the Serbia market.

Must a record keeping tax be paid twice during the foreign goods importation into Serbia via Free zone? 0.5% for the importation into the Zone, 1% for the importation into Serbia from the Zone.

The record keeping tax must be paid amounting to 0.5% for the goods admission into the Zone, and another 0.5% when the goods from the Zone are put into circulation within Serbia market.

Are the goods from the Zone, which are in the process of exportation, liable to customs duties?

The goods that are being exported from the Zone are not liable to customs clearance and import duties.


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