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"Tigar Rubber Footwear" was established in 1935 under the name "Industrial workshop Tigar, Dimitrije Mladenovic Gaga and company and was registered in the manufacture of rubber products and all kinds of footwear. The first and basic products which was rubber peasant shoe. In addition to intensive development of other programs, "Tigar" is on its original location a long tradition of rubber footwear production, which in the period after 1945 had a positive trend in volume, assortment and quality. Structure of the rubber footwear production in that period was optimized by continuous increase in boots production which was especially influenced by foreign customers.

In 1985 he started the cooperation with swedish company "Lindstrom & Nilson" which through requirements of scandinavian market, a new developing pulse to the factory by initiating development of protective programs. Security software, product quality and overall efficiency of the factory have attracted many customers as well as other European manufacturers of rubber footwear with which a business and technical cooperation.

"Tigar Rubber Footwear" is now located at the new location, at Nikola Pasic 197 in Pirot.

The current program "Tigar Footwear" includes the following product groups:


          Footwear for recreation (hunting and fishing);

          Fashion and children's rubber footwear;

          Protective footwear and footwear for professional use.

More information on the website of „Tigar Footwear“.

Nikole Pašića 197,
18300 Pirot Srbija
+381 10 306 111
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